We are a professional LED bulb manufacturer. We produce various kinds of special LED bulbs, such as different shape (BIB series, BIC seriec, BID series, Globe bulbs, etc), different size (95mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, etc), different power (4W / 6W /8W), different base (E26 / E27 / PE27), different voltage (120V / 230V). We supply not only quality products, but also good services.

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Hangzhou G-Sun Lighting Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2000, which is located in Jingshan Town. Near to both Shanghai port and Ningbo port,The traffic is quite convenient. We are a professional bulb manufacturer. We produce various kinds of special lamps, such as special shaped decorative bulbs, Infrared bulbs, HID, Marine use lamps, Stage lamps, Reflector lamps´╝îAncient carbon filament lamp etc. We are a company with an integration of bulb shape research & develop, finished bulb develop, design, manufacture and trade. We supply not only quality products, but also good services. Adhering to the principle of "Sincere Cooperation", we hope to build a strategic partnership of cooperation with you!

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What we have and what we can offer

22 Years of Industry Experience

Established in 2000, there are 22 years of industry experience. Always offer active and forward-looking support for our clients, leading to product development and innovation to better serve current markets.

All kinds of light bulbs

Not only LED bulb, but also infrared lamp, reflector lamp, fishing lamp, stage lamp, etc. For LED bulbs, many different size, different filament structures, different colors, different base, etc.

Responsibility and Accountability

High quality materials are the basis of every successful magnet product we offer. We focus on consistency and stability, so that performance is predictably reliable.

Free Samples Available

One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time, is that when the goods arrive is it exactly what you want. Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely!

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Email: sales1@g-sun.net

NO.3 Longhuang Rd, Jingshan Industrial Zone, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,China